• Delovely Drinking and Debauchery, Google Style.


  • Delovely Drinking and Debauchery, Google Style.

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August 05, 2009


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Unlike many Western noodles and pastas, Chinese noodles made from wheat flour are usually made from salted dough and therefore do not require the addition of salt to the liquid in which they are boiled. Chinese noodles also cook very quickly, generally requiring less than 5 minutes to become al dente and some taking less than a minute to finish cooking, with thinner noodles requiring less time to cook. Chinese noodles made from rice or mung bean starch do not generally contain salt.

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The restaurant offers a cocktails brimming with Southeast Asian inspiration. The Danang Delight was our favorite, it offers a ginger laced slap in the face (and you all know how we love being slapped by our drinks). The Saketinis were a refreshing break from the heat, especially if you like cucumber and rosemary. If you’re going to dig into some noodles, ask the staff about sake pairing. We are not so up on the different types of the sauce, but they helpfully suggested pours (curated by their, sake sommelier, co-owner Chris Johnson) that went perfectly with the dishes. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they offer a selection of customizable Banh Mi, but that carefully selected sake goes much better with their noodles or quail.

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